Mentors & Heritage

Our parents and grandparents are our earliest and most treasured mentors. Peter Seghesio has been immersed in the culture of winemaking since the day he was born. He grew up in the vineyards, working alongside his father and uncles farming grapes and producing wine. The family's original vineyard, planted in 1895 by his grandparents Edoardo and Angela Seghesio, was the launching point for Seghesio Family Vineyards, which has since spanned five generations and over 115 years. In 1896, just one year after the first vineyard was planted, Francesco Passalacqua, another Italian immigrant and Peter's maternal great-grandfather, spent his earnings as a chef in the California gold mines to purchase a small vineyard he named for his Italian hometown, "San Lorenzo". Today, we continue the tradtion, on our own land, as live and work with our sons at the acclaimed San Lorenzo Vineyard.

We believe that the two best gifts we can offer our children are family traditions and the opportunity to learn from wise mentors. We are so grateful to our amazing friends and colleagues who didn't hesitate to become involved. They shared their skills, their vineyards, their wealth of experience and even a few treasured secrets. Without even realizing it, they taught us lessons of generosity and character that will last a lifetime.

Here are some of the things we learned:

Edoardo Seghesio - "Prune it poor and it will make wine rich"
Rachel Ann Passalacqua Seghesio - "You can achieve wonderful things!"
Martinelli Family - Love the land and honor your family
Steve and Joe Dutton - Your word is gold
Al Steele - "Don't overthink it"
Ulises Valdez – Anything is possible - Defy odds
Kent Ritchie – "The best fertilizer is the shadow of the owner"
Dr. Phil Freese, Viticulturist - "Life and vines in balance"

Alberto Antonini – "Try new things"
Craig Williams – Be patient
David Ramey – Keep learning
Shaun Richardson – Remain calm
Erin Green – Demand perfection
James Hall - "Follow your palate"
Doug Wilson (Uncle Dougie) – "Let's Dance!"

And finally from friends who, in sharing so generously of their talents and crafts, remind us that our industry is comprised of far more than just grapegrowers and winemakers...

Richard Knapp, Photographer – Observe life
Linda Schroeter, Label Artist – Create beautiful things
Mel Knox, Barrel Sales - Keep a twinkle in your eye
Dolores MacDaniel, Bottle Supplier – Honesty is everything
Rick Pozzi, Forklift Supplier – Lift with your fork