(n.) a European tradition dating to Medieval times, when traveling craftsmen traded their skill in exchange for hospitality

In 1896, my great-grandfather, an immigrant from Italy, purchased a young vineyard for 10 gold coins he earned working as a cook in California’s gold mines. With its fog, cobbled hillsides and proximity to the ocean, this special place reminded him of his hometown in Italy, San Lorenzo. At the same time, my paternal grandfather, already a winemaker in California, founded Seghesio Family Vineyards and Winery. Eventually, my parents would meet over a grape purchase at the San Lorenzo Vineyard. Today, it is my privilege to steward the San Lorenzo Planting, and honor the iconic 120-year-old vineyard that has helped shaped my life. Humbled by our family’s rich history in and deep love of the California wine industry, I began Journeyman with my wife and sons to share with them a craft that has sustained our family for generations.

My wife and I believe that the two best gifts we can offer our children are family traditions, and the opportunity to learn from wise mentors. We are so grateful to our amazing friends and colleagues who didn’t hesitate to become involved as we began teaching our sons the arts of farming and winemaking. Our mentors shared their skills, their vineyards, their wealth of experience and even a few treasured secrets. Without even realizing it, they taught us lessons of generosity and character that will last a lifetime.

Peter Seghesio